Rail Advertising

65% of all Rail users are in professional or managerial occupations

Rail Advertising

50% of all regular tram journeys are made by young adults aged 16-34.

Rail Advertising

Frequent rail users are 52% more likely to respond to OOH advertising


Rail Advertising

Outdoor and Media Advertising is an integral component of any successful marketing strategy. It allows a cohesive and joined up approach and targets a far wider audience locally, regionally and nationally. At the Ark Marketing & Media, we pride ourselves on offering a transparent end to end service, from market research and analytics, through to mapping, creative support and post campaign analysis, and always go the extra mile to deliver a return on investment for our partners.

The National Rail OOH landscape has significantly changed over the last year and is now an essential part of every outdoor media plan. Passenger numbers are significantly increasing every year. People develop deeply entrenched habits during their regular rail travel, which leads to high frequency impacts at their home station. The average station dwell time is between 7-11 minutes, which gives the opportunity to really engage with the audience across a number of formats. There are many unique benefits of using outdoor advertising which make it such an attractive medium:

It's consumer friendly – Rail advertising fits in with consumer's lives. It's a non-intrusive medium that catches audiences when they are open to a welcome distraction, such a as during mundane journeys.

It's complementary – Outdoor rail works well with other media. It can form part of a broad campaign to extend audience engagement

It's contextual – Outdoor advertising can be placed where the message really counts: it's the only medium where you can capture the audience in context and close to the point of purchase

And.. it’s moreover more cost-effective! When you consider that we are able to deliver 450 million impacts across all adults every 2 weeks, the traditional outdoor rail market must be reviewed when planning a media schedule.

6 sheet sites2

Small Format 4 or 6 Sheet Sites

Passengers spend an average of 6-10 minutes waiting for a train and these dwell time sites can provide you with unique opportunities to engage audiences with time to consider your message. Our 4/6-Sheet advertising sites are situated prominently in busy ticket halls or key platforms. Affordable and unmissable, the posters reach out to your potential customers and engage with them whilst they travel. Build awareness of your brand or raise the profile of your event with the constant exposure of one of our small format sites. 

large format rail sites

Large Format Sites

Outdoor on rail delivers rapid brand awareness for advertisers in a cost-effective way.   Large format sites in national and regional stations provide a striking, eye catching canvas to deliver your message or create brand stature to a diverse audience.

digital sites

Digital Sites

Continual investment and innovation in technology has made digital sites at rail stations a constantly evolving medium, offering new and exciting ways to engage audiences. Not only does it provide an eye catching and striking canvas, it gives advertisers the ability to book specific slots at prime times to suit their target market.

ticket gateways

Ticket Gateways

Ticket gateways provide a unique method of standing out from the crowd. All passengers have to pass through them, so targeting your audience could never be simpler! With Ticket Gateways in over 200 National Rail stations, ticket gates require your audience to walk through your advertising messages, making them fully interactive and unmissable. This is a perfect opportunity to make your business front of mind in the busiest part of the station - and research has shown that Ticket Gateways have a six times higher recall than any other form of advertising in the ail environment due to their prime location – making your advertising unavoidable!

experiential rail

Experiential Rail

Developments in technology have made Outdoor an ideal platform for interactivity. This creates deeper engagement with audiences and provides advertisers with new direct marketing and distribution channels. From facial recognition to live video, Experiential advertising allows advertisers to directly interact with commuters across the UK.

tram wrap

Tram / Train Wraps

Providing massive impact and statement to your new audience, you can buy specific lines or geographic areas as required with the option to also brand inside the carriage to own the journey. Mainly used as longer-term branding project, but ideal for launches or product lines.

tram super side

Tram Super Sides

With panels positioned on the nearside of the tram, a Superside delivers high levels of pedestrian as well as vehicular audience coverage. They sit above window height on the tram's exterior providing a huge 'banner' advertisement measuring an impressive 77ft x 2.5ft giving you exclusivity of solus advertising on one side of the tram.

full tram interior

Interior Advertising

The average train or tram journey takes 35 minutes, leaving plenty of time for your brand and message to be absorbed ensuring greater retention, recall and motivation to purchase.

tram interior

Interior Single Sites

The captive audience enables brands to communicate their stories and draw in consumers with engaging long copy. The exposure time also lends itself to direct response adverts. Actively read and welcomed distraction from the Tram car environment, brands can actively engage with a receptive audience which leads to higher ad and brand recall.

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