Outdoor Media

The average person sees 50 outdoor ads per day

Outdoor Media

Out of Home advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week

Outdoor Media

83% of people recall seeing Out of Home advertising within the last 30 minutes before shopping


Outdoor Media

Outdoor and Media Advertising is an integral component of any successful marketing strategy. It allows a cohesive and joined up approach and targets a far wider audience locally, regionally and nationally. At the Ark Marketing & Media, we pride ourselves on offering a transparent end to end service, from market research and analytics, through to mapping, creative support and post campaign analysis, and always go the extra mile to deliver a return on investment for our partners.

With access to more than 10,000 billboards and outdoor media sites from the UK's leading media owners, we provide our advertisers with a huge platform to deliver their message. Used alongside other media, these creative canvases can play an integral role in building brand awareness, broadcasting your message and driving sales. Whether you have previous experience of using this advertising medium or you are new to outdoor media, we offer independent out-of-home advice, which means we can build a campaign that will work for your business and deliver vital profit within budget.

large format sites


By far the most popular type of advertising, billboards adorn walls and stand tall on the sides of main arterial roads and highways with large footfall, generating high impact for your brand and message.   With print and digital billboards available, there's a solution to match any advertising requirement.

large format sites 2

Large Format Sites

Super premium range of digital billboards covering major arterial routes and motorways in all the main cities including, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, London, Cardiff and Birmingham.  These sites all have high visibility and create a huge impact. Offering slots at key commuter times, we can create campaigns for our clients that are super-targeted and can be regularly updated.

digital billboard sites

Digital Billboard Sites

Exciting and creative, digital poster sites allow you not only to target prime routes and locations, but you can buy specific slots to capture your audience’s attention. If you have multiple messages to promote, you can also send different versions of your artwork and use your time slots to alternate.  And with no posters required, there is a shorter artwork lead time and cost savings on print.

large poster sites 2

Large Poster Sites

These impressive sites offer stature and recognition along with automatically showing your brand alongside major national companies - own the journey to work or play and dominate the roads!

motorway billboard

Motorway Billboard Sites

On average, 130,000 vehicles a day pass any given point on the UK's motorway network. With sites along the major arterial routes and motorways, including Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester, these sites all have high visibility and will reach thousands of potential customers every day. Ideal for brand awareness or a product launch, these sites create impact for your campaign.

city centre sites

City Centre Billboard Sites

These can vary from town to city but allow you to offer your product or service to a huge audience as they are specifically built and positioned to benefit footfall. Static illuminated and digital options are available.

shopping centre

Shopping Centres

Great viewing and seen 7 days a week in very high footfall areas. These sites are ideal for last minute purchases or talking to a wide demographic in the local community. Designs can be changed regularly to keep your message fresh.

airport advertising

Airport Advertising

To really create a point of difference and communicate ad messages, brands are looking for media opportunities that deliver prominence and capture consumers’ attention. Landmark sites do exactly that. Large format billboards chosen for their high traffic locations to reach the mobile consumer, these eye-catching, back-lit vinyl sites feature on head-on locations and are ideal for creating brand stature.

ticket gateways

Ticket Gateway Advertising

Ticket Gateways offer guaranteed impact. Dominating the entry and exit points to and from platforms, everyone has to pass through them so they are a great way of delivering accountability and measurability to your campaign. Ideal for clients wishing to build their brand or promote their message, ticket gateways offer high-frequency exposure to rail users.

petrol pumps new3

Petrol Pump Advertising

Highly visible by every motorist, a captive marketing message can create a direct action and longer-term branding. They can be bought in specific areas to keep it relevant to your audience and brand. In addition, our advertising pumps and screens record the number of people who view your advert, identifying gender and approximate age for each person which means as an advertiser, you can be more specific with your target market.

roundabout site2

Roundabout Advertising

One of the most traditional forms of advertising, some roundabouts are now known by the company name being advertised which clearly demonstrates just how credible they are!

lamp post banner

Lamp Post Banners

Becoming extremely popular and widely available across the country at sporting venues and in city centres and many other locations.  They are very cost effective and great for target marketing and exposure to a mass audience. You can even purchase them for your own premises.

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