London Underground

4.8 million passenger journeys across the network every day

London Underground

68% of London Underground users are ABC1 - 25% higher than the national average

London Underground

60% of Tube users, notice when new ads appear


London Underground

Outdoor and Media Advertising is an integral component of any successful marketing strategy. It allows a cohesive and joined up approach and targets a far wider audience locally, regionally and nationally. At the Ark Marketing & Media, we pride ourselves on offering a transparent end to end service, from market research and analytics, through to mapping, creative support and post campaign analysis, and always go the extra mile to deliver a return on investment for our clients.

Over one billion passenger journeys are made on the London Underground each year and, as well as being one of the world’s biggest transport systems, the network is one of the city’s most famous and well loved features. With an ever-increasing number of international companies moving to London, the area has become synonymous with wealth and a second home to high net worth individuals from Europe and the wider world. Research has shown that passengers using the Underground on a daily basis, are socially confident, affluent and responsive – and with so many advertising options available on the London Underground, we can advise and tailor your advertising to help your brand reach this valuable demographic.

cross track

Cross Track Advertising

The 3-minute platform dwell time provides a captive audience with a greater opportunity to consider and absorb product information, ensuring greater retention, recall and motivation to purchase. These sites make a statement like few other poster sites and their proximity to consumers create a truly un-missable creative canvas. With a range of formats available including 16, 48 and 96 sheet options, we can tailor a package that gets your brand or message to a key market.

corridors and walkways

Corridors and Walkways

These 12 Sheet sites are the equivalent ‘double page spreads’ of the London Underground, delivering high end, glossy advertising opportunities. Their large format size and strategic positioning in high traffic corridors and interchanges, means they benefit from impact and proximity to consumers travelling through the network, and offer an attractive media and creative opportunity.

tube car panels

Tube Car Panels

The most sought after site on the underground with over 100,000 being sold weekly, often booked up for months as they deliver a high return on investment. Long dwell times of, on average, 13 minutes mean your captive audience have longer periods to absorb and retain your brand or message resulting in higher recall and motivation to purchase.

tube car domination

Tube Car Domination

An impressive and striking way of advertising your brand or message to a captive audience, and allowing dwell times of, on average, 13 minutes mean your captive audience have longer periods to absorb and retain your brand or message resulting in higher recall and motivation to purchase.

lift escalator panels

Lift & Escalator Panels

An impactful and creative way to advertise your product or services. Can be used strategically when positioned over key stations creating a massive effect on a moderate budget. Digital and Mega-Escalator options also available to create high impact format and increase campaign recall.

platform domination

Platform Domination

Engage everyone on the platform in a solus environment and take advantage of the 3-minute platform dwell time. This option creates an unmissable impact and allows advertisers to maximise their creativity – great for brand awareness, product launches and getting your message across to the 3.5 million users of the London Underground every day.

canary wharf dlr

Canary Wharf DLR Station

The Canary Wharf DLR offers flexible and engaging advertising to suit your needs and budget. It is unique in it's ability to engage influential, hard to reach business decision-makers on their daily commute. With an average footfall of 1.23 million over an average 4 week period, it is an ideal way to get your brand and message across to the 65% ABC1 audience in a cost effective way.


Landmark Sites

To really create a point of difference and communicate ad messages, brands are looking for media opportunities that deliver prominence and capture consumers’ attention. Landmark sites do exactly that. They are large format billboards chosen for their high traffic locations to reach the mobile consumer. These eye-catching, back-lit vinyl sites feature on head-on locations and are ideal for creating brand stature.

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