Bus Advertising

Over 80% of people who see bus advertising respond to it

Bus Advertising

With 54% search boost, bus advertising underpins success online

Bus Advertising

Over half the adult population has seen advertising on the side of a bus in the last week


Bus Advertising

Outdoor and Media Advertising is an integral component of any successful marketing strategy. It allows a cohesive and joined up approach and targets a far wider audience locally, regionally and nationally. At the Ark Marketing & Media, we pride ourselves on offering a transparent end to end service, from market research and analytics, through to mapping, creative support and post campaign analysis, and always go the extra mile to deliver a return on investment for our clients.

Bus advertising can deliver your brand and message to a wide targeted audience, quickly and inexpensively. By its nature it is unmissable and offers unrivalled coverage, but most importantly it offers high levels of response with over 80% of the people who see bus advertising, responding to it. Used alongside other media campaigns, it can play an integral role in building brand awareness, broadcasting your message and driving traffic to your website.

wrapped bus

Wrapped Bus

Everyone wants to see their company brand wrapped around a bus - it gives you instant credibility and prominence. With our experience in designing bus wraps, talk to us about how best to utilise this unique design to ensure it drives your offer or service.

semi wrapped bus

Semi Wrapped Bus

Amplify your message by making a bold statement! This opportunity gives an advertiser the chance to be truly individual with a moving billboard right in the heart of the city. The large scale of the message and high distinctiveness ensures instant visibility and brand recognition.

bus lower rear

Bus Lower Rear

A fantastic way to ensure your message is delivered to the town or city, bus rear panels deliver more audience than other media and work within all budgets. On average every bus rear has a 48 second 'dwell' time.

double deck mega rear

Double Deck Mega Rear

A great creative canvas that can showcase your offer or service to the whole of the high street. This will not only be seen by the car behind but all of the surrounding cars and pedestrians.

single deck mega rear

Single Deck Mega Rear

As with Double Deck Mega Rears, Single Deck Mega Rears offer a great creative canvas to showcase your brand or message to both pedestrians and road users. Mainly utilising long suburban routes to keep local communities connected, single decker buses are an ideal option for advertising localised messages.

double deck illuminated

Double Deck Illuminated T-Side

Upweight your T-Side campaign with Illuminated road facing T-Sides - a great example of the versatility and flexibility of the bus format. They are an effective way for your brand to stand out on the high street. Backlight your entire creative to emphasise your key message to consumers on the path to purchase.

bus lenticular

Double Deck Lenticular T-Side

Lenticular artwork produces images with an illusion of depth or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles. This format offers an extra level of creativity to a campaign. It adds to the talkability of the campaign and creates that extra level of surprise as one images shifts into a completely new view.

double deck t side

Double Deck T-Side

Bus advertising gives stature to your brand at a fraction of the production cost of TV and radio. Reaching pedestrians as well as motorists, the movement of the bus draws attention and delivers frequency of your advert throughout the day.

double deck side

Double Deck Side

Crossing cities and town centres up to 15 times a day, 7 days a week, research has shown that this is one of the most trusted medium, and allows you to drive your message to a wide but targeted audience. With 22ft of creative space they provide an eye-catching opportunity to advertise at a local, regional or national level.

single deck side

Single Deck Side

Mainly utilising long suburban routes to keep local communities connected, single decker buses are an ideal option for advertising localised messages. Like other forms of bus advertising, they offer a split between a pedestrian and vehicular audience but at a fraction of the cost – making them an extremely cost effective way of reaching audiences across wider local communities and city centres.

bus interior domination wraps

Bus Interior Domination Wraps

With all bus companies now offering free Wifi, many of us take for granted how connected we are with smart phones, wearable tech and wifi hotspots. Bus interiors are excellent for inspiring smartphone actions and with 94% of people now having smart phones, and the average bus journey taking 39 minutes, this opportunity offers a clear path to purchase.

bus interior panels

Bus Interior Single Panels

The average bus journey takes 39 minutes, leaving plenty of time for your brand and message to be absorbed. With over 4.4 billion trips a year UK wide, your message is sure to reach a high volume audience - and at just £32 per panel (for 4 weeks) these formats are one of the most cost-effective ways to target the urban audience in out of home advertising.

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